Business Plans

Developing a fully bankable, tailor-made Business plan and realistic financial projections are very important for any business or venture as it resembles the first impression of the entrepreneur and the business idea. Attracting the interest of business finance providers, investors, landlords and understanding the needs of taking your existing business to the next level will require a fully bankable, well-researched, comprehensive and professionally prepared business plan and the assistance of a seasoned and experienced business plan consultant which will significantly increases your chances of being successful the first time. Our business plan writers will develop a successful business plan that will meet the guideline requirements as specified by the relevant financial institutions.

All our business plans are fully bankable Custom Designed Business Plan & 5 Years Financial Forecasts including necessary Secondary Desktop Market Research, Full Narrative Charts and all the bells and whistles needed to present the business plan to a potential investor, all major financial institutions, acquire retail space, funding or develop an existing business. For franchised or non-franchised startup, existing businesses or Non Profit Organisations – we assist over 125 industries across South Africa.

Our fully bankable custom-designed business plans are designed for a typical start-up or existing business in need of either expanding or re-looking its current performance. We can assist with any business requiring as little as R100k in capital or as much as R100 billion. We currently offer four different business plan packages namely a Comprehensive, Professional, Advanced or High End. Each business plan package is designed according to the specific business industry the venture relates to allowing the necessary detailed information around the development of the business plan and financial projections.

Our Business Plan Packages:

  • WHY US?
  • Client to accept quote and pay initiation deposit
  • The client is sent client questionnaire completion request
  • We will be in touch to explain the way forward as needed
  • A Consultant is assigned to the project and client
  • Client to submit completed client questionnaire & supporting docs
  • A consultation (Skype / telephonic) is held between consultant & client if needed
  • Consultant reviews client’s information and client questionnaire
  • Project is commenced and deadline date established
  • Business Plan & financials is drafted once our research is concluded
  • Client reminded to settle outstanding invoice before deadline
  • Draft business plan is sent to client by the agreed deadline date
  • Client has opportunity to read plan and request changes
  • Finalised business plan is sent to client within 24 hours
  • Client has a further 30 days or 3 versions (whichever comes first) to request any further minor amendments
  • A debriefing is arranged if requested by client (Skype / telephonic)
  • Every business is unique. All our business plans are custom designed
  • We do not offer template designed business plans
  • We specialise in businesses requiring as little as R100 000 up to as much as R150 billion in funding
  • Each business plan is fully grammar checked to ensure a professional appearance
  • We guarantee 100% non-plagiarism, meaning we don’t steal other’s hard work
  • Our business consultants are experienced in most respected fields
  • Our business consultants have many years of experience in developing business plans, financial projections, business concept feasibility studies, and demographical studies
  • Each business plan is proofread and signed off by our Managing Director before being presented to the client
  • We are a technologically innovate company – ensure you are kept up to date and receive your project at the highest possible quality, in the fastest possible turnaround time
  • Our rates are very competitive. We offer the best professional rates in South Africa


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