• Business Plans
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Funding
  • Financial Projections
  • Demographical Studies
  • Franchisee Store Inspections
  • Digital Designs

iAuditor Business Consulting has been developing new and consulting on existing business plans since 2008 and offers world-class business plans to startup, existing businesses and Non-Profit organizations across South Africa. Business Plans have remained our core business and have provided us with the opportunity to create multiple start-ups and existing business plans across over 125 industry sectors and various countries since. Our business plans are entirely custom designed according to the needs of each particular venture by the specified requirements of all major financial institutions throughout South Africa. We serve countrywide.

Through these business plan developments, we also offer the following extended critical value-added services depending on your business needs.

  • Company / NPO registration with CIPRO South Africa
  • Financial Projection Models
  • Retail Demographical Studies
  • PowerPoint Presentations (Investors Pitch Presentation)
  • Business Proposals
  • Slide deck Presentations of the final business plan
  • Business Plan printing
  • Scorecard Plugin with monthly and quarterly results feedback and on-going business improvement consultations

    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (Protecting the Interests of our Client)
    • Exclusive Rights to Your Business Plan
    • Final Business Plan in PDF & Editable Word format
    • Business Plan is drafted using international benchmarking software with the international & local benchmarking
    • Business Plan is custom drafted in a beautiful theme design
    • Beautiful Rendered Theme Design applied to the final business plan
    • Industry-Specific Market Research (Secondary/Desktop)
    • Full Narrative, Colour Charts & Graphics
    • High Quality, High Definition Infographics Designed from scratch
    • FREE! Introduction Consultation Session (Skype / In-Person / Telephonic)
    • Debriefing Consultation Session (Skype Telephonic) (If requested)
    • Regular updates (Email / Whatsapp / SMS) throughout the lifespan of the project
    • 30 days Post-Project Guarantee Policy (Free Minor Changes to the Business Plan)
    • Business Funding Guidance upon completion of Business Plan

    • Client to accept quote by provided proof of deposit payment to us
    • The Business Plan project is initiated once deposit is received
    • The client is required to complete the client questionnaire, a link is provided below
    • Our managing director will get in touch with client telephonically to discuss Step 3
    • A business plan consultant is assigned to a client who will assist with any queries further
    • Client to submit completed client questionnaire and required supporting documentation
    • An introduction meeting via Skype or telephone is held to discuss the project
    • Business Plan project is commenced. The consultant establishes the tentative deadline
    • The business plan research starts, then the financial projections model is developed, and then the business plan is developed
    • Client to settle invoice balance at least 24 hours before the project deadline
    • The first draft of the business plan project is presented to the client via email
    • Our managing director and business consultant will set up a debriefing within three days
    • During the debriefing, any required amendments will be discussed and actioned
    • The final updated business plan is presented to the client within two days from debriefing
    • The client now has a further 30 days / 3 versions (whichever comes first) to request minor adjustments
    • Any adjustment requests will be processed within 48 working hours upon receipt
    • The project is accepted as satisfactory and approved should we receive no response from the client within 14 days of presenting the business plan via email.

    • Every business is unique. All our business plans are custom designed
    • We do not offer template designed business plans
    • We specialise in businesses requiring as little as R100 000 up to as much as R150 billion in funding
    • Each business plan is fully grammar checked to ensure a professional appearance
    • We guarantee 100% non-plagiarism, meaning we don’t steal other’s hard work
    • Our business consultants are experienced in most respected fields
    • Our business consultants have many years of experience in developing business plans, financial projections, business concept feasibility studies and demographical studies
    • Each business plan is proofread and signed off by our Managing Director before being presented to the client
    • We are a technologically innovate company – ensure you are kept up to date and receive your project at the highest possible quality, in the fastest possible turnaround time
    • Our rates are very competitive. We offer the best professional rates in South Africa

iAuditor Business Consulting offers management consulting services to both existing and startup businesses across South Africa. Our services include:

  • Business Mentorship on a retainer basis
  • Business Turnaround Strategies
  • Online Marketing Plan Creations and Implementations
  • Business Plan Implementation Plans
  • Business Structuring
  • Management Structuring & Consulting
  • Business Performance Analysis
  • Sales, Expenses & Net Profit Improvement Plans
  • Independent Stock Takes
  • Efficiency Improvement Specialising
  • Implementation of business systems and online application software
  • Loss of Control & Shrinkage Prevention & Improvement Plans
  • Retail & QSR Consulting & Specialisation
  • Store Caretaking & General Management (during staff shortages, estate disputes, liquidations or Co-Partnering in cases where the franchise or retailer needs someone to caretake the business in general on their behalf)

For more information or a free discussion around how we can assist you with your business, please contact our Managing Director, Michael Joubert on 087 808 8212 or email michael@iauditor.co.za

Particularly for franchisors or groups that have multiple sites across South Africa. Such groups often have the problem where their franchisees and regional / area managers clash in working relationships if the franchisor/group expects the regional/area manager to conduct operational excellence inspections (audits) on the franchise. This often results in incorrect findings which hinder the franchisees forward business performance and creates unnecessary friction between the franchisee and franchisor. iAuditor Business Consulting offers national independent franchisee store inspections to franchisors with more than 20 stores. We currently call onto over 500 franchisee stores throughout South Africa and have the capability of reaching each and every town in South Africa, depending on the client’s needs. Our solutions are guaranteed to save the franchisor bottom line costs, improve team productivity, improve inspection compliance and offer a dashboard view of all inspections conducted with regular statistical reporting. We recently saved one of our clients over R2.5 million per annum through the implementation of our solutions. For a free, no-obligation demonstration on what we have to offer, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Michael Joubert on 087 808 8212 or email michael@iauditor.co.za. We also have references available from Top Director Executives with major retailers in South Africa.

We now also offer guidance and assistance with online & digital design services through our associate partner based in Durban South Africa. A leading, world-class professional digital expert specialising in the following:

  • Corporate Branding
  • WordPress Websites
  • Logo Designs
  • Graphic Designs
  • Multimedia | Video Production & Editing
  • Online, Magazine & TV Advertising

For more information please email Michael Joubert at michael@iauditor.co.za

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