• SBP has a set of terms and conditions that focus on creating project processes that is fair and reasonable to both the client and SBP and which will aim to improve the project efficiency and the quality of SBP’ services rendered.
  • These terms and conditions will become legally binding on the client on any projects where the Quotation and/or Pro-Forma invoice have been sent to the client, and related deposit/s paid by client, or a written “go ahead” is given on initiating any project in any form of written communication and/or correspondence by the client to SBP, including clicking on the “Accept Quote” button on PDF Quotes provided.
  • The client hereby acknowledges, consents and confirms having read the contents of the below terms and conditions and understands the obligations and implications the terms and conditions have on the relevant parties. The client further confirms having read and understanding the points which include practical and operational constraints between the relevant parties.


The Client hereby acknowledges, accepts and confirms understanding that:

  • All content provision requirements (Client Questionnaires) for projects will be the responsibility of the client.
  • Face to face meetings with clients will be on a needs basis only or as stipulated in the Quotation provided and will be on an hourly charged basis only.
  • If a client cannot email content to the applicable SBP consultant, then the client may make arrangements with SBP to courier such documents at client’s full expense.
  • SBP office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm only. We are closed Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Project deadlines and turnaround times are strictly based on SBP pipeline availability as stipulated on the quotation provided.
  • If the Client is unsure on a specific deliverable, then they must ask SBP to confirm its inclusion as to avoid incorrect project scope assumptions.
  • SBP are not financiers and does not offer financial advice to the scope to ensure that the prepared Business is viable or feasible.
  • SBP and its representatives will provide insight and suggestions to the represented client on the basis of our understanding, experience and knowledge to ensure that all reasonable items have been taken into consideration for the preparation of the Business Plan and Financial Projections.
  • Although SBP have been hired to draft a Business Plan and Financial Projections on behalf of the client, it solely remains the client’s responsibility to ensure that all information discussed in the Business Plan and Financial Projections model is accurate to the best of the client’s knowledge.
  • SBP cannot and will not be held responsible for any inaccurate information and SBP cannot guarantee the client’s guaranteed success in obtaining finance, securing rental space or attracting potential investors.
  • SBP renders a professional service based on years of experience, knowledge and our understanding of the business industry – therefore we will always strive to ensure that your Business Plan and Financial Projections model is prepared in such a way that it gives you the best possible chance of securing your desired objective, however, the client needs to fully understand that its full support and co-operation is required throughout this process to ensure that we possess all the required information and supporting documentation throughout this process.
  • All projects require a 50% deposit to in initiate the project. Balance of payment is required strictly 24 hours prior to the presentation of the project. Client is welcome to request proof or preview of the work done before the final payment is made, however no project will be handed over to the client until full payment is received and cleared.
  • If client chooses to cancel the project within the 5 (five) days cooling off period, given we have not yet started with the business plan drafting project, then a R 4500.00 administrative fee will be deducted and the balance of the paid deposit with be refunded to the client within 30 (thirty) days.
  • If client chooses to cancel the project after the 5 days cooling off period, then the following cancellation fees will apply:
    a. If client already submitted Client Questionnaire 1; 40% of invoice value;
    b. If client already submitted Client Questionnaire 1 & 2; 50% of invoice value;
    c. If client already submitted Client Questionnaire 1,2 & 3; 60% of invoice value;
    d. If client already submitted Client Questionnaire 1, 2, 3 & 4; 70% of invoice value;
    e. If we have already initiation commencing drafting the business plan; 100% of the invoice value
  • In all project cancellations, all project versions will stay the copyright and property of SPC. Any copy, distribution or use of any of the cancelled project assets will constitute a copyright violation and SPC reserves its right to take any further legal action against the client for any damages suffered in any form whatsoever.
  • If SBP cannot get hold of the client in any way whatsoever alternatively if the client does not provide any written feedback within 30 calendar days of the last change request, causing the project to stall in any way whatsoever, then SBP will mark the project as dormant and accordingly the dormant project will be removed from the active project list. All deposit payments made by the client will then be forfeited.
  • If a client wishes to re-active a project, then a re-activation fee, subject to a new quote may be required.
  • The client also understands, and accepts that SPC and its attorneys may update clients credit bureau record accordingly should the client fail to pay its obligations in terms of payments to SPC.
  • Once the project has been completed and fully paid for then all generated source files and exported files will be copyright of the client (Word and PDF versions is the only versions that is available to client).
  • SPC cannot hand over copyright to any assets SPC doesn’t have copyright to, for example, but not limited to, open source software or design assets. All software, imagery or any other assets licensed by SPC on behalf of the client can be used by the client in accordance with that asset’s terms and conditions.
  • The clients project will be initiated after all the required information / supporting documentation has been obtained from the client and the Client Questionnaires have been completed satisfactory.
  • The completion date of the project will be communicated to the client after all such required information has been obtained.
  • All projects include 30 days or 3 set of versions (whichever comes first) minor change request limit and that a change request is a change, requested by the client, of, but not limited to, layout, imagery, text or other elements to the first concept of a deliverable or service. Change request limits may be lifted on projects where previous written arrangements have been made as part of a premium service offered by SPC to the Client
  • It is in the client’s own interest to give the most accurate, helpful and timely feedback possible.
  • Sign off is the act where a client accepts, via email, fax or any other written format that can be stored and archived, a service as completed to their initial requirement and to their ultimate satisfaction thereof. It will be accepted that the client has unconditionally agreed to such sign off if no further response is received from the client within 48 working hours after a project has been presented (whether in person, via email of fax to the client).
  • Once a client gives a sign off on a project, then the project is declared and deemed as finalized. Any change requests on a signed off project will be quoted for at an hourly rate unless within the free change request period.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that all aspects of a project and/or service are 100% accurate before giving a sign off.
  • If signed off projects are sent off to print (if the client has requested this additional service), but it contains errors that the client did not notice, then the resulting printing, manufacturing and implementation costs will be for the client’s account.
  • When giving sign off on a project then the client accepts all liabilities that might arise from the deliverable as a whole.) for projects will be the responsibility of the client.